Nursery Diaries?

I'm beginning to think I'll have a whole section of my blog that's dedicated to the girls and nursery - haha. As I've said previously, Lilly isn't going anymore, which is actually proving to be less trouble than expected. What I mean by that is that I can still get a few things done while… Continue reading Nursery Diaries?


Potty Training.. again

The time for potty training Lilly seems to be almost here and we are so not prepared! We haven't been as encouraging with Lilly yet, I must admit. As she's not quite 2 and a half yet, I'm in no way pushing for Lilly to start using the potty. BUT - with seeing Amelia using… Continue reading Potty Training.. again

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Amelias DDH journey, the beginning

Where do I start. It's been a tough ride so far and even though it wasn't quite as hard as we expected, it was still very mentally, physically and 100% emotionally challenging. This will be a long post, please grab a cuppa and put you feet up! Lets start from the beginning, or try to.… Continue reading Amelias DDH journey, the beginning