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The Versatile Blogger Award

Firstly I want to say the BIGGEST thank you to Gareth at Love At First Swipe for the nomination! When I write my blogposts, or post anywhere on my social media, I never really think that people read my blog - despite the numbers, I guess it makes it easier to keep writing and spend… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award

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Potty Training.. again

The time for potty training Lilly seems to be almost here and we are so not prepared! We haven't been as encouraging with Lilly yet, I must admit. As she's not quite 2 and a half yet, I'm in no way pushing for Lilly to start using the potty. BUT - with seeing Amelia using… Continue reading Potty Training.. again


Homemade pizza wraps

It's been a fair while since I've posted any of our family favourite recipes and we've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen recently. I have a rekindled love for baking, but I'm always looking for ways to get the girls helping with bakes or even making their own dinner! The girls take after… Continue reading Homemade pizza wraps

Parenting, Potty Training

Potty Training For The First Time

This post feels long over due as we now have a semi potty trained toddler, and we're surviving - haha! Following on from my YouTube video, "Preparing to Potty Train", where I spoke about all of the things we'd picked up ahead of potty training Amelia, I want to share our journey of potty training for… Continue reading Potty Training For The First Time



So the #Bibs2018 are here and I wanted to write a little post about them. Having originally blogged many years ago (over 10 years ago - wow), I have been familiar with the blogging scene for a while now and I finally feel like this is my time to share my little life with you all. I… Continue reading #Bibs2018