Working Through Loneliness

Last year I touched on experiencing loneliness since becoming a mama. I feel now I've learnt to cope better when I'm alone and I'd like to share how I'm getting through it. Social Media Social media has helped me, although it can sometimes be the cause of feeling "meh" about … Continue reading

Ups and Downs

For many who've been following my social media posts recently, you'll know that I posted saying I was taking a break from social media for a bit. This is something that I believe is very important from time to time (referring to my selfcare post). I know I don't need … Continue reading

Where have I been?

Even thought it hasn't exactly been long since I last posted, it feels like forever. My mind has been all over the place with all sorts going on. We've had a busy month or so; we went on holiday, I reopened LollyBibs&Co, we've celebrated both of the girls' birthdays and … Continue reading

Loneliness in Parenthood

As I'm writing this, my husband has just finished his week of night shifts and next week he'll be working afternoons. Both of these shifts I tend to feel a little less in sync with the world compared to his morning shifts. On nights, we're all together from late afternoon … Continue reading