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Energy Ball Recipe Kit

As part of my enthusiasm to love and take care of myself more this year, I have taken to eating better with Slimming World and also exercising once a day at least. I am also trying out so many new recipes and flavour combinations, which I'm hoping to write up to share soon! A couple… Continue reading Energy Ball Recipe Kit


My Weightloss Journey

Since having the girls, I have been so up and down with my weight, dieting and exercise or lack of. At the start of this year I gave myself a loose goal of trying to shed a few pounds here and there, just to feel happy and comfortable with my body. A huge part of… Continue reading My Weightloss Journey


27 Years Old

I’m sure everyone says they don’t feel as old as they are when each birthday comes around and I’m another person to add to that list. I want to keep this post short and sweet, I was thinking of listing 27 things I’ve achieved in 27 years, but that’s a lot - haha. Here are… Continue reading 27 Years Old


A little bit of an update..

Hello, hello (how are you).. I really hope I didn't just get Mr Tumble in your head by writing that, although it's not in my head which is GREAT, haha. Anyway, I'm just here to update you all, and myself on what's going on really. I seem to have become a bit of a hidden… Continue reading A little bit of an update..


Schwartz: Thai green curry

YUM! A typical evening meal for us usually must be something quick and easy, yet healthy. Recently I've been purchasing the Schwartz sauce sachet for various meals. The latest one being Thai green curry, something neither me or hubby had tried before. Following the instructions on the back I started by preparing everything. I diced… Continue reading Schwartz: Thai green curry