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Post Pin Removal

Here is the long awaited update about what happened after Amelias pin removal! You can read the full journey here. Well, since then - obviously it's been a fair while now, it feels like a distant memory if I'm honest! Amelia recovered well. The pin removal itself didn't phase Amelia at all, which was fantastic. She… Continue reading Post Pin Removal


A little bit of an update..

Hello, hello (how are you).. I really hope I didn't just get Mr Tumble in your head by writing that, although it's not in my head which is GREAT, haha. Anyway, I'm just here to update you all, and myself on what's going on really. I seem to have become a bit of a hidden… Continue reading A little bit of an update..

Amelia walking around the ward, pushing a little shopping trolley.
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Amelias Pin Removal

Amelias pin removal day went ok, not completely to plan but it happens. We arrived at the hospital ward at midday to be told there wasn't a bed free for Amelia and to go to a different ward. I was pretty relieved to be honest because the original ward was SO busy and there were… Continue reading Amelias Pin Removal

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Amelias DDH journey, life in a cast

It's another long one folks, to read the beginning of Amelia's DDH journey click here. After a nights stay in hospital, Amelia was discharged and we were so relieved to be able to get home. Amelia was so happy as soon as we got outside the hospital doors she was smiling again. The journey home… Continue reading Amelias DDH journey, life in a cast

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Amelias DDH journey, the beginning

Where do I start. It's been a tough ride so far and even though it wasn't quite as hard as we expected, it was still very mentally, physically and 100% emotionally challenging. This will be a long post, please grab a cuppa and put you feet up! Lets start from the beginning, or try to.… Continue reading Amelias DDH journey, the beginning