The Creative Craft Show Birmingham 2018

On Saturday I thoroughly enjoyed attending The Creative Craft Show at Birmingham NEC. I've wanted to go for the past 2 years but due to the girls being born around the same time I obviously couldn't! As mentioned here, I really enjoy time away from social media and the internet in general, to enjoy some… Continue reading The Creative Craft Show Birmingham 2018


LillyLou Accessories

Phew, the time has finally come to let the cat out of the bag so to speak! I have been working my little fingers away creating some cute keychains and charms to sell over on my new etsy store; LillyLou Accessories. The reason I started this little project was because I was fully unsure about… Continue reading LillyLou Accessories

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Christmas Treats

Following on from my post where I talked about the girls' letters from Father Christmas, I wanted to talk more about another usual Christmas tradition that definitely happens every year without fail; as im sure it does in many households. This tradition of course is over-eating all of the Christmas treats! We are self confessed… Continue reading Christmas Treats

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Letters from Father Christmas

For Christmas last year, we left everything SO late that we completely forgot about the magical Christmas traditions that both my hubby and I used to do as children. We were very late with the carrot buying for Rudolph and his crew, and we were lucky that hubby happened to have a drop of whiskey… Continue reading Letters from Father Christmas


Stunning jewellery from Jouellerie

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jouellerie, to receive some jewellery to try out and review. I happily accepted as I'm always searching for the perfect pieces to add to my small jewellery collection. Upon opening the jewellery, I instantly noticed how it was all such great quality! As their prices are so… Continue reading Stunning jewellery from Jouellerie