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Teething Tips and Essentials

Teething can be a worrying and stressful time for both parents and little ones, so I wanted to compile a little list of things that we fund useful through teething troubles! Bonjela teething gel - this stuff worked absolute wonders during the first teething stage of teething when the teeth were first trying to nudge… Continue reading Teething Tips and Essentials

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Potty Training.. again

The time for potty training Lilly seems to be almost here and we are so not prepared! We haven't been as encouraging with Lilly yet, I must admit. As she's not quite 2 and a half yet, I'm in no way pushing for Lilly to start using the potty. BUT - with seeing Amelia using… Continue reading Potty Training.. again


How We Chose Their Names

When it comes to naming your children, it can be a difficult task! We didn't do the typical thing of sitting down and writing a list to choose either of the girls names - we did the opposite really! I had always dreamt of naming my daughter "Amelia-Lilly" as I always loved the two names… Continue reading How We Chose Their Names


My body, 2 years later

As part of talking about self-love recently, a huge part of loving yourself is literally just that! Loving the skin you're in is so important.   After experiencing two pregnancies so close together, (left)Amelia in 2015 and (right)Lilly in 2016, I found my body definitely didn't have any time to recover between them. When I… Continue reading My body, 2 years later

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Nursery update

2019 so far has brought us the toughest times for our family so far. The girls' nursery being one of them! I won't be going into full details because although I want to tell the world, I also want to forget about it! In short, during the girls' first full week back in nursery in… Continue reading Nursery update