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Letters from Father Christmas

For Christmas last year, we left everything SO late that we completely forgot about the magical Christmas traditions that both my hubby and I used to do as children. We were very late with the carrot buying for Rudolph and his crew, and we were lucky that hubby happened to have a drop of whiskey… Continue reading Letters from Father Christmas


Things I wish I knew before.. birth. Ooh cliffhanger post title right there, hey - haha. I wanted to share things with you about the things I really wish I knew before having babies. I'm not talking about how many nappies we'd end up changing, or how messy weaning really is, or even the later stages during potty training and finding… Continue reading Things I wish I knew before..


Potty Training For The First Time

This post feels long over due as we now have a semi potty trained toddler, and we're surviving - haha! Following on from my YouTube video, "Preparing to Potty Train", where I spoke about all of the things we'd picked up ahead of potty training Amelia, I want to share our journey of potty training for… Continue reading Potty Training For The First Time