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Marianne’s Portion Plate

As I've been venturing on a new healthier lifestyle this year, following the Slimming World plan and working out at home, I've still been overcoming my issues with portion sizes. I grew up eating bigger than "average" portions, so I guess it's something that just stuck with me throughout my teenage years and now my… Continue reading Marianne’s Portion Plate

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Amelia’s Learning so Much

Following on from my last post talking about Amelias behaviour since starting her new nursery, I've decided to keep this space as a diary to document her nursery days more. I figure it'll be nice to look back on her time in nursery, also to note things (like issues we think may be nursery related)… Continue reading Amelia’s Learning so Much

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Quick Biscuit Recipe

Something I mentioned that we enjoy doing when we're stuck indoors is baking biscuits. This is our quick and easy recipe and how to make them. The last time we made them I didn't have enough ingredients, so I just halved the recipe as this recipe is meant to make 24 biscuits. Ingredients: 200g unsalted… Continue reading Quick Biscuit Recipe

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Rainy Day Toddler Activities

After spending plenty of time being "stuck" indoors throughout the girls' toddlerhood, be it due to my own anxieties or when Ameila was in a Spica cast during her hip dysplasia treatment, there has been SO many times where I've been at a loose end with the girls, so I want to share some indoor… Continue reading Rainy Day Toddler Activities

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How I Workout at Home

I'm definitely not about to claim that I'm an expert of any kind, I'm just a stay at home mama/housewife who's trying to be more active and gain some strength. For years now I have had problems with my knees, my quads are actually really weak, despite being pretty darn thick, so it's really important… Continue reading How I Workout at Home