About Me



I’m a 29 year old housewife and mama of 2 girls, who loves all things crafty, promoting self-care and trying out new things.
In college I studied Art & Design, where I taught myself to sew, and over the last few years I have been studying online, to gain a better understanding of Mental Health issues. I have also taken an introductory course to become a Counsellor.
I enjoy spending time playing with my two daughters, Amelia (5) and Lilly (4), and teaching them new things. I am very focussed on letting my daughters play at their own free will and learn new things at their own pace. We enjoy cooking together too, which makes mealtimes a lot of fun, even if we do get messy!
I am passionate about sharing my personal opinions and experiences with products we enjoy, to help other people out before they purchase themselves. I also like to share my trials and tribulations of being a mama of two girls.
Thank you so much for visiting!
If you want to know more or work with me please pop me an email.