Before the world fell apart.

Before the world fell apart, I set myself goals for 2020. Goals which I didn’t end up sharing with you all. These were all very vague things like becoming stronger and healthier, giving myself some “time off” and improving my writing skills.
2020 actually had a pretty weird beginning for our family – don’t worry, we’re all ok, I just needed to take a break from the internet world for a bit.
You might’ve noticed that I deactivated Instagram and rarely use twitter now too – I just got so fed up of the “number game” and fake people that I just want to step away from that side of social media.

Anyway, the beginning of 2020 saw Lilly joining Amelia in nursery. They both were in the same class, which meant a good 3-hour break for me in the afternoons. Soon after Lilly starting, we actually decided it would be better for them to go at separate times. They thrived in their nursery classes making friends of their own – and they got along so much better by having some time apart too!

Initially, when they were both in nursery together, I decided to reach back into my creative side and start-up my “Katherine’s Craft Life” YouTube channel. This is my creative outlet to share my enjoyment for watercolour painting and scrapbooking amongst other things, with the world! Of course, when the girls then went to nursery separately, uploading to my YouTube channel stopped a bit as I had no real free time to get creative!

I guess we’ll talk about the elephant in the room – coronavirus hitting the UK. The UK went into lockdown from 23rd March. However, we actually started isolating from 17th March as I was far too anxious about it all!
So what have we been up to since then? To be honest, not a lot! I’ve been trying my best to “homeschool” both girls while taking a relaxed approach with it. They’ve been doing lots of baking and helping us with the gardening but mostly playing. We were toying with the idea of sending the girls back to nursery when the schools first reopened for children – but we very quickly decided that given the uncertainty in the world, we wanted to err on the side of caution and remain home until after the summer holidays.

Me personally, I’ve spent a good chunk of the past 14 weeks making face coverings for neighbours, various charities and healthcare workers. Beforehand though, I decided it was the right time to reopen my old shop “LollyBibs&Co”, only under the new name of “Anything Cloth“! This is my small, handmade business, where I make reusable homeware goods and also utilise and fabric offcuts to make small gifts and other things too! You can read more about how Anything Cloth came to life here.

Anyway, I hope to be back to posting on the regular soon,
I hope you and your families are all well – take care and stay safe!

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