Yearly Round-Up 2019

Something I did last year, was to sit back and reflect on what the year brought for me. This year has been such a whirlwind from start to finish – it’s brought me so many wonderful opportunities and experiences that I just want to summarise in on big post to look back on in future.

The year began with up pulling both girls out of their previous nursery and Amelia starting a new one – Lilly will be joining her in January! This marked the start of my “Nursery Diaries” series.

Two children in Zimpli Kids colour change Gelli Baff in the first part of the colour change when the bath was yellow

I’ve very gratefully received many gifted items to review and share my thoughts on. I’ve even attended a few events that I honestly couldn’t be more thankful to have been selected for! Attending events has always been a dream of mine, but also a big fear as I have social anxiety and worry so much about travelling alone too. What marked the turning point for my confidence this year was attending an event with Thornton’s in September.

A photo of two girls with Mr potatohead at Butlins Minehead

I celebrated my 28th birthday at Northwick Farm and the girls are now 3 and 4. We also went on a fun-filled week away to Butlins for Amelia’s birthday.

I’ve very recently re-opened my small business, LillyLou Accessories, along with my stationery and print project. If you need some advice or ideas about how to start up a handmade business of your own – here’s my guide.

There have been many high points to 2019 – but that doesn’t mean that 2019 has been completely plain sailing.
After suffering for about 6months and reaching a really low point with my mental health, I was diagnosed with PMDD. Luckily I was very aware of what was going on and realised that by going back on the pill my symptoms would subside. I’m not 100% cured and I still have PMDD symptoms monthly, but they’re definitely not as much of a disruption as they were before.

There are so many other experiences and things I could write about. We’ve been strawberry picking, had a day out on a steam train, walked with dinosaurs and most importantly Amelia had the all-clear at her latest hip appointment – you can read all about Amelia’s DDH journey here.

I just want to take this time to thank you all for reading and visiting my blog. Your support really helps me along my very own journey as I’m building up my portfolio for my writing career. Truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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