A New Venture

For anyone that has known me for a while, you’d know that I’,m a pretty creative person. From a young age, I always remember that I’d be getting creative in show way.

After taking BTEC Art and Design in school, I decided to retake it later on in College too. I felt too restricted by the school curriculum, so I didn’t really enjoy it in school.

After gaining a distinction grade in BTEC Art and Design in college, my real creative side had been put on hold a bit. You know, life, work, children – it meant I hadn’t really had the time to really get in the “creative zone”.

I’m now really excited to say that I’ve been making time to be creative recently – starting with rekindling my love for block printing. I have also been using my iPad to do some drawing – I even made Christmas cards! From this, I decided to set up another little shop – one where I can just show my creations, designs and all sorts, and if people like it then that’s a bonus!

I have so many creative ideas for my new venture – I hope you decide to check it out! I’ve recently reopened my small jewellery and accessory business LillyLou Accessories, too.

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.13.21
Untitled design-5Untitled design-7Untitled design-6 Untitled design-6

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