Money-Saving Tips When You Have Children

Having children isn’t cheap, I think we all know and can agree on that! Over the last 4 years, I have been trying to cut costs where possible, because even once our little ones start school – things don’t get much cheaper. Here are a few things that have helped me to save money when buying things for my children.

Buying Second Hand

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I do understand – but most things that we all usually buy new for our children, can be easily found on second-hand websites such as, eBay, Depop, Shpock, or even on the high-street in charity shops.
I very proud and openly purchase most of my children’s clothes from eBay and my mum enjoys finding bargains in charity shops for them. Buying second-hand isn’t just limited to clothes though, you can find a lot of toys, puzzles and books in charity shops or on second-hand sites too – some even brand new!
Don’t let the thought of something being second-hand put you off from buying it – you can save a good chunk of money through buying second-hand items!

Saving Vouchers

For days out or even just for a bit of money off buying that same item again, saving vouchers from cereal boxes or handwash etc can be pretty useful. My dad recently sent us some vouchers for Merlin Attractions, that he’d saved from cereal boxes. We wouldn’t usually buy branded cereal, so we wouldn’t have got the vouchers from them – asking family to save things like this can save you money off a fun-filled weekend at Alton Towers or somewhere similar.

Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies aren’t for everyone, but throughout a child’s life of nappying – disposable nappies can and will cost a small fortune. You can read my tips for switching to cloth nappies here. Cloth nappies are a bit pricey, to begin with, I won’t lie. Once you’ve paid out that initial cost, you won’t need to keep buying nappies every week – unless you see some new patterns, then it can gt a little pricey, haha!.

“Own Brand” Nappies/Wipes

If cloth nappies aren’t for you then when buying disposables, supermarkets own brand of nappies usually cost far less than branded nappies. A huge comparison in price can be seen at Morrisons where their own brand of nappies cost just £1.75 for 50 whereas as Pampers cost £6 for 56! That’s a huge difference and the same can be seen in baby wipes too. Switching to own brand will definitely save you some pennies!

Make Your Own Purees When Weaning

Weaning is a pretty full-on time for many parents and it can be a little expensive too. Of course, we all get busy and like the convenience of buying premade purees – making them yourself can save heaps of money though! Making your own purees can be as simple as mashing some super soft potatoes and carrots together or even mixing fruits and veggies. Weaning is all about exploring different tastes and textures, so you can be pretty imaginative with the purees you make.

Buy in Bulk When on Offer

Most baby food brands often have offers on their baby food jars, for example, you can buy 5 jars for £3.50. You can usually also find similar deals across toddler products too. Buying in bulk when things are on offer doesn’t have to be just with food items though – think toiletries, for your little ones or even yourselves, nappies, wipes – even cloth nappy brands often have money-saving offers too!

Do you have any money-saving tips to share?

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