No-Touch Thermometer Review

It’s no secret that this time of year children are prone to getting coughs, colds and all of the sickness bugs that go round nursery and school. Both girls have had at least 4 weeks ill collectively this Autumn/Winter – it’s awful! You can also read all about my Toddler Sick Day Tips here.

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A photo showing a bottle of calpol, a non-touch thermometer and a box of calpol vapour plugin refills. The essentials for toddler sick days.

One thing that’s been great to help us through this time a bit, is our no-touch thermometer. We used to use the old-fashioned strip thermometers that you place across your little one’s foreheads. You know, the ones that you can quite hold still on your baby, for example, because they’re wriggling around so much!

We purchased our no-touch thermometer what feels like a long time ago now – it’s seen us through so many high temperatures too!

To use the no-touch thermometer, it’s as easy as pressing a button. You just hold the sensor in front of your little one’s forehead and press the button. The thermometer will then show the result as a number with colour behind it. The colours being green, yellow and red. Of course, green means normal, yellow is slightly high – but usually not too concerning and red means high temperature.

A no touch thermometer displaying 36.5 degrees

Green has a temperature range of 32 to 37.4 degrees.

A no touch thermometer displaying 37.5 degrees

Yellow has a temperature range of 37.5 to 37.9

A no touch thermometer displaying 40.9 degrees

Red has a temperature range of 38+

If the temperature is lower than 32 degrees, or higher than around 41 the screen will display either “Lo” or “Hi”.

I wish I had heard about these thermometers so much sooner! I remember Amelia being poorly when she was only months old and I was getting upset as I struggled to read her temperature with one of the strip thermometers.

Now, as I said, it’s as easy as pressing a button. As the thermometer beeps to tell you it’s read the temperature, the girls do sometimes think it’s a little game too – so that helps distract them from any worrying we might be doing at that moment.

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