Newborn Sleep Recommendations

Newborn sleep can be pretty rough sometimes. I can clearly remember the numerous evenings that we spent trying to rock Amelia to sleep after feeding, changing and repeating – for her to just not settle at all! Lilly, on the other hand, was slightly different when it came to sleep as we’d learnt a few things that we tried previously with Amelia!

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A photo of a mushroom shaped nightlight

If not just for baby, a nightlight for when your little one is in their own room (from around 6months) you’ll be thankful of a -not-so-bright- light to help you see in the dark! I found that Amelia would settle easier after the nighttime feeds and changes if the room wasn’t pitch black. They still have a nightlight in their room – Lilly loves watching it change colours as she is falling asleep.

White noise

Baby wrapped up in her blanket asleep with a dummy and an elephant white noise machine

I remember the nights of my phone rapidly losing battery on my phone due to playing white noise to help Amelia drift off. Babies are used to the noising they hear in the womb. White noise machines almost mimic those noises which can help to calm and soothe babies. A definite must-have to help a newborn sleep!


Lilly wouldn’t ever settle unless she was being held. I decided to try out swaddle blankets with Lilly – otherwise, we would’ve never slept ourselves! The SwaddleMe wraps were easy to use and more importantly, Lilly slept so soundly while using them.

Room vapour

A photo of a Calpol room vapour plugin

More of a recent addition to the girls while they sleep that I wish I knew about when they were younger, is a room vapour plugin! I asked on Instagram for personal recommendations as to which to try ourselves and most people use the Calpol Plugin. It’s very similar to the Vicks plugin but a fraction of the price! You just plug it in and it fills the room full of the usual vapour scent and helps to clear those stuffy noses. The Calpol plugin also has a built-in nightlight too. You do need to buy refills for them though, but I find that you can get about 2-3 nights out of one refill.

Bedtime routine

As mentioned before, I find it important to have a good routine and this can work wonders for a little ones sleep too! Of course, we all have different routines (and different opinions about whether it’s really that important) but from personal experience – I still believe that a good routine was what helped the girls’ to sleep all through the night from an early age!

What are your newborn sleep recommendations/tips?

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