Potty Training Diary – Day 2 & 3

I have no idea what to say – Lilly is doing great with getting the hang of using her potty this time around!

As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t the first time trying to potty train Lilly – in fact, I think it’s actually the third or fourth time now. This time it definitely feels like the last time though, and we kind of need it to be.

Day 2

I expected accidents to make up for the lack of accidents Lilly had on day 1 – but nope, she had none! Not even a slight pee accident through waiting too long – or through looking to see where her pee comes from she’s peeing (please tell me other children do this?!) So that was that, a completely dry day of using the potty. The only thing to “report” was that in the afternoon, it seemed like Lilly had sprung a leak – she just wouldn’t stop peeing, haha!

Day 3

The only accident Lilly had today happened because Lilly wanted to watch herself pee – yes I’m facepalming too. Apart from that little accident, everything was done in the potty! I know I’ve only been mentioning pee by word, but all poop has been in the potty so far too.

This time around, our potty training journey has been a challenge, to begin with, but this being our final attempt by the looks of it – everything we’d done up until now, has helped.
Before we began this final leg of our journey we had tried what felt like everything, without just admitting that Lilly wasn’t as “ready” as we thought.

How have you been potty training?

We tried everything that we found successful with Amelia – the books, sticker charts, rewards, lots of praise etc (you can read more about Amelia’s potty training here) – but none of this “worked”. We found Lilly would end up sitting on the potty for so long, just asking for treats! Lilly would always show signs of being “ready” by taking her nappy off and telling me when she was wet but just didn’t recognise what was going to happen before it would. Also, the last time we tried, the accidents Lilly was having made me feel super impatient with her! I guess because we’d been through all of the accidents with Amelia – we just wanted Lilly to get it!

Now I think this marks the end of our potty training journey. It may seem short, but we began trying to potty train Lilly from around 2 and a half – she’s going to be 3 next week! Everything we tried up until now, has obviously helped. We’ve had to be pretty stern with Lilly this time around, but that’s partly due to Lilly’s personality!

Any tips?

My biggest tip for anyone struggling to potty train or getting worried that it’ll never happen is to just take your time with it! It really is a marathon, not a sprint.
I know it can be hard but, try to be patient. There will be accidents or even arguments about not wanting to wear pants. You just have to go with it!
Lastly, it’s completely ok to resort back to putting your little one back in nappies and to try again another day. Potty training can be exhausting for everyone – your little one has to learn something completely “alien” to them and we have to do what feels like a lifetime of cleaning up too!

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