Potty Training Diary – Day 1

I’ve written before about our seemingly short potty training journey with Amelia, and our first attempt at potty training Lilly – but the time’s here that we kind of need to get Lilly potty trained.

With starting nursery at “big school” in January, Lilly won’t be able to go unless she’s potty trained. As we’re nearing November and Lilly’s 3rd birthday – we’re starting to become busier and busier, especially with Christmas being soon too!

We’ve tried potty training Lilly a few times already, so we know how Lilly reacts to not wearing nappies and using the potty. I decided this time will -hopefully- be the last time we’ll be potty training Lilly. She has a very insistent character and is always pretty adamant that she’ll get what she wants. So to put my foot down a bit has been a bit difficult in this instance!

Day 1 has actually been pretty smooth!
We started the day by telling Lilly we have no more nappies left. She did plea and try to persuade me that she “has a penny to go and get some” – haha! I then explained again, that it’s simply just time for her to wear pants and to use the potty or toilet like a “big girl”. A few tears later, Lilly picked out her pants and popped them on!

After 10 minutes or so of being in her first pair of pants, Lilly stamped her feet and demanded to have them off. I went with it and told her if she wanted them off, then to take them off – but she either wears pants or nothing. She then popped on a different pair of pants instead. This happened again, so I explained that she doesn’t need to keep changing them unless she has an accident – which she hadn’t.

After an hour or so, Lilly urgently took off her pants and went on the potty! Hurray!
We’re ending the day with only 1 accident – Lilly has even asked to use the “big toilet” a few times too. Fingers crossed she keeps it up!

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