Conker Collecting

On our Autumn/Winter bucket list this year, we wanted to go conker collecting again. We’d been last year and ended up with what seems like hundreds of conkers in the garden – haha!

On a less rainy afternoon, Lilly and I went to post a few letters. The postbox is where the conker tree is – this was the perfect chance to go conker collecting before they were all gone.

A photo of a girl looking for conkers

Last year, the conkers seemed to fall pretty early – so I knew we might not have been lucky enough to pick any at all!

Luckily, we managed to scout out a few conkers that were left in amongst their shells.

A photo of a girl looking for conkers

Lilly had lots of fun pointing out where the conkers were – she wasn’t too keen on picking them up and getting her hands dirty though!

After picking and collecting conkers last year, it left me questioning what to do with them. We ended up putting the conkers in corners of the rooms in our house, to supposedly scare spiders away! I still haven’t experimented with making washing liquid from conkers yet, but I’m hoping to if we manage to get a few more!

A photo of a girl lining up conkers on a doorstep

When we got them home, Lilly had fun lining them all up on the doorstep so they could dry out a bit before we bring them in to keep the spiders away!

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