Toddler Autumn and Winter Bucket List

Autumn and Winter are my absolute favourite months. Whether we’re getting cosy indoors or wrapping up warm to go out and about, there are so many things to do in Autumn and Winter. What better way to share them with you than to make a toddler Autumn and Winter bucket list! We had so much fun in the Summer when we were ticking off activities from our Summer Bucket List.

Conker and Acorn Collecting

A photo of a path leading through the woods when we go conker collecting. This is on our toddler autumn winter bucket list

Last year we had what seemed like hundreds of conkers and acorns collected! There are a couple of both, conker and acorn trees near to us and we pass them on the walk to and from the nursery. The girls just love collecting things. When we bring them home, we pop them in the garden. Lilly asks to “wash” them in their mud kitchen!

Halloween Dressup

Halloween is coming soon! Last year we decorated the house a little, but we didn’t do anything else – we even left sweets outside for other children to avoid them knocking the door while the girls slept! This year, I’d like the girls to dress up for Halloween – maybe we’ll even go “trick or treating” too!

Pyjama Day

A pyjama day is a must, especially on rainy days. There’s something lovely about getting cosy on the sofa with blankets and films. I’m pretty sure this will be on our bucket lists every year!

Mud Kitchen Messiness

Amelia and Lilly playing in the garden with their mud kitchen. This is on our toddler summer bucket list

Something we actually didn’t get around to ticking off our Summer bucket list. Now the rain is consistent, we can guarantee the mud will be muddier than ever and perfect for making mud-pies! The girls also have pots and pans to pretend to make things with too.

A Frosty Walk

The sound of crunching grass beneath your feet, just shouts winter! I still love the feeling and sound of it! Going on a walk on a frosty day will be lovely when we’re all wrapped up warm. I can’t wait to see our local lake on a frosty day!

Writing To Santa

With Winter comes Christmas! Of course, the girls will be writing their letters to Santa. Last year, I wrote about their Santa letters here – this year, I think we will be using Royal Mail’s Santa letter service.

Seeing Santa

We haven’t decided where yet, but we’ll be taking the girls to visit Santa in his Grotto again this year. Last year, the girls saw Santa a few times, with different family members. As the girls are reaching an age where they’l remember things more, we’re only going to see Santa once.

Making Christmas Gifts

Getting crafty is a passion of mine, albeit a slightly secret one! I’ll be sure to get everyone stuck in to making Christmas gifts for family this year. There’s something a little more special to receive handmade gifts.

Warming Winter Family Meal

As we don’t see family too often, I think it’ll be a lovely time to catch up with everyone as the days feel shorter and cosier!

For now, this is everything on our Toddler Autumn and Winter Bucket List, what activities do you enjoy doing during Autumn and Winter? Also, I’d love to hear about any Christmas traditions you have!

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  1. Andrea Yates says:

    Your nan always gave us a special decoration for the tree every year. I now buy a special glass ornament for the tree every year and Lee’s nine year-old son helps me choose.

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