Nursery Diaries – The End of the First Week Back to Nursery

After writing about the first day back to nursery after the summer holidays, I want to document how the first week back to nursery went.

Dropping Amelia off for her second day back to nursery went alot more smoothly than the first. I went alone to drop her off (Lilly stayed home with Daddy). I took Amelia in and she seemed a lot more comfortable with it all.

Rewind to the beginning of the day – we actually only mentioned nursery twice that morning. We made no fuss of it and I believe this is what helped Amelia be so “ok” with it all.

I let Amelia take a small teddy with her, to keep in her backpack. As I took her in, I told the teachers it was there. Having a teddy with her seemed to ease the process slightly – I guess as a comfort thing. This meant day 2 went really well and there were no tears!

Day 3 – the last day of the first week back to nursery. I had to take both girls as Daddy was working early. Again, we got there a teeny bit early. There were other parents with children waiting outside, which confused me a tad. We haven’t been told much about when to expect new starters – so I couldn’t give Amelia any warning! I did say to Amelia “I think there’s some new friends today!”

The drop off went smoothly again, although Lilly did try to go off and play – haha. The new parents are in the way slightly – I usually take Amelia in to her coat peg, but I couldn’t get round to it.

By the last day of the first week, Amelia was actually excited and happy when she was going in! She even told me she was excited!

The pick ups all went ok too, which was great! We had 2 days of doorstep tantrums and general grumpiness when we got home – this is nothing out of the ordinary though!
Fingers crossed Amelia continues to settle well!

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