Back to Nursery/Preschool Essentials

As the summer holidays are nearing an end and we’ve had so much fun doing activities from our “Toddler Summer Bucket List“, I am starting to get everything ready for Amelia to go back to nursery. With Amelia going back, and Lilly starting soon, compiling a list of “back to nursery/preschool essentials” well, is pretty essential really!


A photo of two personalised toddler backpacks saying "Amelia " and "Lilly" from My 1st Years. This is a great back to nursery/preschool essential

The start of a new “school” year usually means a new backpack too. The girls backpacks, as featured in the “What’s in My Toddlers Backpack” post, are still going strong. They’re the perfect size for nursery/preschool and it’s super handy that they’re personalised!

Book bag

A photo of a blue school book bag which is a great nursery/preschool essential

As we know the nursery/preschool routines at the girls’ nursery because Amelia has been going there since the beginning of the year – we know that they send reading books home. Often this can be forgotten about but with sending in a book bag each week, not only will the books stay dry (lets hope) but hopefully this will remind the teachers too!


A photo of two girls holding up their new water bottles ready for nursery. This is a great back to nursery/preschool essential

I wasn’t going to buy new bottles at first. Lilly will be starting in January so I decided that matching bottles may be best. Purely because they will be in the same nursery/preschool session, I feel matching bottles would be best. The teachers often say the girls look similar, so they wouldn’t get their bottles mistaken for anyone else’s, hopefully – haha!

Lunch bag

An important thing on the list of nursery/preschool essentials is a lunch bag – or it is for us as they both will be attending the afternoon session which starts off with having their lunch! I highly recommend getting a lunch bag that’s a bit different, without a popular cartoon character on the front, as these can often get mixed up with other childrens’. Labelling your little ones lunch bag is a must for this reason too!

Wet bag

A photo of a wetbag with a change of trousers, pants and socks next to it. This is a great back to nursery/preschool essential

A wet bag might not be something everyone thinks of. I recommend a wet bag just in case your little one has any accidents – be it a toileting accident or they just get too messy playing! Nurseries/preschools would usually send dirty/wet clothes home in a plastic nappy bag. So to save on wasting single use plastic, pop a reusable wet bag in your little ones backpack and let the teachers know it’s there too. A good reminder is to place the clean clothes inside the wet bag – when the teacher gets them, they’ll already have the wet bag to hand for the dirty clothes!


With soon to be two little ones going to the same nursery/preschool, I’ve decided I’ll be keeping a set of wellies at the nursery/preschool for them. Once a week (at least) they’ll both be getting muddy outside. Last term, I almost always forgot which week it was Amelias classes turn for “Muddy Mondays”. This time around, I’m not being caught out. I bought Amelia some preloved wellies off eBay, which she can keep at nursery/preschool, and she has her super cool rainbow wellies that light up, for home!

I hope you have found this list of back to nursery/preschool essentials helpful! Let me know if you can think of anything you’d add to this list too.

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