A photo of some strawberries on a strawberry plant

Strawberry Picking at Caldicott’s

As mentioned in my Toddler Summer Bucket List, we were adamant about taking the girls fruit picking this year. I desperately wanted to go strawberry picking at Caldicott’s nursery last year. We sadly couldn’t time it right with the weather though. This year we kicked off the summer holidays with strawberry picking at Caldicott’s – we had so much fun!

The nursery is located in a very quiet and beautiful location in Solihull. We were amazed to have never been to Caldicott’s Nursery before. Even my mother and father-in-law hadn’t been before, and they have lived nearby for most of their lives!

Two girls selling flowers at Caldicott's Nursery in Solihull

When we arrived, we took some time to look at the pretty flowers. The hanging baskets inside the greenhouse were amazing. They had all different sizes and various price ranges. You could also order them upon request!

A photo of two sisters from the back. One of them is holding a basket containing two punnets for picking fruit

When we were ready to start picking, we went to the owner and asked how it all works – as we’d never been before, we weren’t too sure. We were given two punnets inside a carry basket. We could fill them up with as much fruit as they could hold, or as little as we wanted.

A photo of some strawberries on a strawberry plant

We then moved on to getting picking. Strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries and more! We mainly focussed on strawberries and raspberries, as we know the girls love them too.

The girls had lots of fun helping to pick the fruit. They also loved exploring the fields. They were happy to be wearing their wellies, as it did rain on and off too!

A photo of a girl holding a basket of freshly picked strawberries and raspberries

After we’d picked all of the fruit we wanted, we took our punnets to the owner. He then weighed them so we could pay for them. It actually came to less than we expected – considering we’d had a huge amount of fun we had – and the punnets were pretty full!

I’m so glad we managed to find the right time to go strawberry picking this year! Have you been fruit picking before?

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