Lilly holding the basket that had the punnets of strawberries and raspberries in when we went fruit picking. This is on our toddler summer bucket list

Toddler Summer Bucket List

This year we have the start of experiencing the 6 weeks summer holidays. Amelia would usually be in nursery 12-3pm every day, so it would just be Lilly and me at home. We’re currently on our first week of Amelia being home during the day and I’m starting to realise that we need to make some plans and quickly! Otherwise, we’ll be trapped indoors for the next 5 weeks and we won’t have made the most of the time together. Putting together a little toddler summer bucket list will help us out with things I’m sure the girls will enjoy! I’ve also asked the girls for their suggestions too!

Fruit Picking

We actually kicked off our toddler summer bucket list with fruit picking already! The girls had so much fun and we highly recommend it. It’s a great activity for the whole family too! After you’ve been to pick all the yummy fruit, you can enjoy washing it and eating it together! Strawberries and cream, anyone? Read all about it here.

Go to the beach

Last year we went to Weston-Super-Mare for the day and we’ve planned to do it all again this year too! Last year we went with just my mum, but my nan is coming along this year too, we can’t wait. Amelia keeps asking to go to the beach so she can play with the sand in her bucket!

Enjoy a weekend away

We usually try to go away for my birthday. This summer we’re having a long weekend away and the girls are super excited for their first “holiday” and we are too.
We did it! We stayed in Northwick Farm Lodges.

Go to the zoo

It’s almost a tradition that we go to the zoo during the summertime. We went to Twycross Zoo earlier this year which the girls enjoyed. We’re thinking about heading to All Things Wild for the dinosaurs this time – Lilly loves dinosaurs!
We did it! We all had so much fun, read all about it here.

Play in the paddling pool

A bit of an obvious one with the current heatwave here in the UK. With the girls being red-heads though, we actually steer clear of going outside in anything hotter than about 20 degrees. We’re desperately wishing for things to cool down a bit so we can have fun in the paddling pool and also use the Dinosaur play centre we picked up from Aldi – they’re available elsewhere too.

Have a picnic

The girls love picnics. We usually have indoor picnics on rainy days, so we’re planning on surprising them with a proper outdoor picnic over the summer!

Go swimming

Daddy loves taking the girls swimming. With Amelias DDH, we were recommended by her surgeon the swimming will help strengthen her hip and keep it from becoming stiff in the future.

Play football in the garden

Lilly’s still working on her co-ordination when kicking a ball. Playing football is enjoyable for everyone, we usually end up playing “piggy in the middle”. It’s a great way to get some energy burnt off too.

Watch films

Hopefully there will be a day or two of rain so we can cosy up on the sofa and watch films all day. It’s usually something we enjoy on a lazy Sunday, but it’s a great idea for a more chilled out day.

Have a sleepover at nannies

Mama and daddy need a break sometimes so it’s good for little ones to head over for a sleep over at their grandparents etc! The girls both enjoy wearing my mum out by having a sleepover with her.

Do a puppet show

A picture of a wooden children puppet show toy. This is on our toddler summer bucket list

My mum gave us a wooden puppet show with loads of finger puppets a while ago but the girls haven’t seen it yet. I’m going to get it out and set it up for them on a day we have nothing outdoorsy planned and watch their little show! This could easily be made with a cardboard box and sock puppets too.

Make pizzas

I’m certain the girls could live off pizza if they had a choice – just like daddy would! They like helping to make their own pizzas, we usually use tortilla wraps for the pizza base as it’s super easy.

Bake cakes and decorate biscuits

Plate of 4 biscuits covered in icing with a toddlers hand showing them putting sprinkles on them to decorate. This is on our toddler summer bucket list

Baking is always a fun little to-do. I do find that I end up doing the most of it though as it can get messy quite quickly. The girls love helping to mix things together and pour the mixture into tins though. Decorating plain digestive biscuits is always great fun too, or you can make your own!

Help clean daddies car out

Amelia has asked daddy if she can clean his car out! He’s notorious for having a slightly messy car and Amelia clearly doesn’t like it – haha!

Paint rocks and hide them in the park

Painted rock with a cow on it. Rock painting is on our toddler summer bucket list

Not too long ago we were walking through the park on our way back from the supermarket and we found a rock someone had painted! We still haven’t re-hidden it, but when we do, the girls want to paint some themselves to hide for other children to find.

Draw outside with chalk

I picked up some giant chalks that are great for playing outside with. Amelia loves drawing, so being able to do it outside is great!

Get muddy in the mud kitchen

Amelia and Lilly playing in the garden with their mud kitchen. This is on our toddler summer bucket list

Getting messy in the mud kitchen is Lillys favourite thing to do outside. Since we sent all of their plastic food to be outdoor toys, they enjoy making muddy meals for us and then washing all the food off afterwards.

Make ice lollies

Watered down squash or fruit infused water, frozen in an ice lolly maker would be fun to make together but so refreshing in warmer weather too!

I can’t wait for us to get started on our little toddler summer bucket list! What activities will you be getting up to this summer?

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