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28 Before 28

With it being my birthday very soon, I always spend the time leading up to it, reflecting on life so far. What I’ve achieved and to set future goals too. I thought it would be fun to share with you my 28 before turning 28 – 28 things I’ve achieved before turning 28.

In no particular order, of course!

1. Get married

In 2017 I got married to my best friend.

2. Become a mother – twice!

In As you know – I have 2 beautiful daughters 13months apart, born in 2015 and 2016.

3. Pass my driving test

Despite the fact I don’t like driving, I’m still glad I had driving lessons and passed my test.

4. Run my own business

I have run 2 successful businesses that I set up myself. They’re both closed right now so I can focus on other things though!

5. Taught myself how to sew

Back in college, I decided to make a corset for my final project. I had no idea how to use a sewing machine but I figured it out myself.

6. Visit America

I’ve always been interested to visit America and in a time before children, hubby and I visited my brother in San Francisco – it was amazing!

7. Pursue a career in writing

Since starting my blog, I’ve found myself increasingly passionate when it comes to writing. More recently, I’ve been writing for clients and I love it!

8. Get a higher grade in BTEC Art & Design in college, than I did in school

I remember in school my art teacher said she was surprised I got a “pass” grade. So to take the same course in college and have one of the highest distinction grades in the class was amazing!

9. Study various counseling and mental health awareness courses

I have previously written about studying from home, and earlier this year I passed a Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health course. Last year I passed my Introduction to Counselling Level 2 course, too!

10. Go go-karting

A good few years ago hubby took me go-karting, it was so much fun!

11. Take part in Race for Life

Back in 2013 I took part in Race for Life and raised around £200 for Cancer research.

12. Complete a virtual walking challenge

Back in May this year, I worked with Race At Your Pace and completed a 100mile virtual walking challenge.

13. Written for well-known brands

Prestige Hampers, Hipp Organic, Nutribuddy and more – blogging has become quite the adventure for me and I’m so grateful for everything.

14. Rode a horse

It was only a practice lesson, but something I always wanted to experience.

15. Learned how to scuba dive

Back in school we had a week towards the end of the year, when we could take part in different activities. One of those weeks, I got the chance to learn how to scuba dive! Interestingly, I actually have a huge fear of drowning!

16. Sang karaoke

Not sure I’d have the courage to do it now, but when I was younger, I sang karaoke with my mum.

17. Upcycled furniture

Hubby and I had so much fun upcycling our Welsh kitchen dresser. We’ve been upcycling our dining table and chairs since then, too.

18. Played computer games all night

Rarely, hubby and I will stay up late playing computer games when we have child-free nights! I did also spent some of my teenage years playing games all night though.

19. Decluttered my life of material items

An ongoing process, but I’ve been decluttering and down-sizing my things since we moved last year. It’s surprising how much stuff one person can own.

20. Started a YouTube channel

It takes so much courage to sit in front of a camera, talk, and upload it for the world to see! It’s been a while since I put up a video but I’m still proud of myself for biting the bullet and doing it. You can find my channel here.

21. Started our zero-waste journey.

We’ve recycled the rabbit hutch after Arthur left us and turned it into a compost bin. We try to purchase items with less single-use plastic waste, but anything we do end up with goes into an eco-brick! I’ve switched to using reusable cloth sanitary pads too, they’re amazing!

22. Purchased a Kate Spade bag, new

Kate Spade is one of my favourite designers and I’d dreamt of owning a

23. Successfully walked in heels

I walked in heels for the first time on my wedding day and didn’t fall over!

24. Owned a car

Just after I passed my test, I was still traveling between two jobs so having a car was a godsend.

25. Stream games on twitch

I haven’t shared much about it on here, but I do stream on twitch with hubby sometimes!

26. Regain and maintain a decent level of fitness since pregnancy

It’s been a long ride to get to where I am now, but my fitness is improving so much. I actually really enjoy working out from home too!

27. Know when to ask for help and when to take a break

We all need a break sometimes, we just need to know when to ask for help and not be “too proud” to ask.

28. Regain control of finances

Thanks to a lot of help from family, I’ve regained control of my finances and stayed on top of repayments too.

And there we have it, 28 before turning 28! I know some of the “achievements” may seem silly to some people, but I’m honestly so proud of the things I’ve done and the obstacles I’ve overcome. Becoming a “young”(ish) mama hasn’t been easy, especially with the girls being just 13 months apart! Being diagnosed with PMDD and getting into some tricky money situations too, wouldn’t put me “up there” on the list of people to look up to. But I hope that getting through these things, learning from my mishaps while still having fun along the way, will show the girls in the future that life is what you make it and it doesn’t matter who or what gets in your way.
You make your own happiness.

Do you have a “28 before turning 28” list? Or something similar – 22 before 22, 30 before 30? I’d be interested to read yours! Also, is there anything from this list you’ve achieved too? Or hope to do yourself? Let me know!

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