Finished upcycled welsh kitchen dresser

Upcycling Our Welsh Kitchen Dresser

Months ago, hubby and I were discussing our living room and kitchen situation. Our kitchen isn’t tiny, but we have nowhere to really call a dining room or to have a dining table laid out permanently.
We then got on to talking about the awkward blank wall space in our living room. As the window sills hang over on to the wall, it was hard to figure out what would fit there too. I found a little gem on a local selling site. It was going to the tip if it wasn’t rescued, so we couldn’t help but snap it up!
Originally our dresser was a really dark wood. This wouldn’t work in our living room as we have white walls and light wood accents, with a dark sofa. The excitement came of upcycling our Welsh kitchen dresser!

Dark wood welsh kitchen dresser before upcycling

We opted for Rust-Oleum chalk paint in the colour “Chalk White” and after a couple of coats, we finished it with the Rust-Oleum finishing wax, for a smooth texture.

We knew we wanted to sand down some of the wood, so hubby sanded down the two plate shelves and the top of the cupboard too. I think it looks great! Hubby used some wood varnish on the cupboard too, but we haven’t varnished the shelves. We love the contrast between the “finished” and “unfinished” look of the wood.

The whole process of upcycling our welsh kitchen dresser took 2 days. Day one was spent sanding, cleaning, and painting. Day two, I gave the second coat of paint and finished it using the wax! We did decide to keep the details on the top of the dresser, more “rustic” and “rough” looking. I did this by having a drier paintbrush so the paint didn’t get in the gaps. I also spent a few minutes spray-painting the knobs and handles black too as they were quite sorry looking beforehand. This has given it a bit of a modern feel too.

Finished upcycled welsh kitchen dresser

I added a few decorative pieces that we had around the kitchen and I’m so pleased with how it looks.

Decorated up cycled welsh kitchen dresser
Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.13.21
Untitled design-5Untitled design-7Untitled design-6

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