Nursery Diaries – A Little Update

It’s been a long while now since I’ve shared anything about how nursery is going and there isn’t really any reason why!

Amelia’s just had her very first sports day, which was fab – although we didn’t expect to be encouraged to get involved. On the day, we decided it was best to take Lilly in the pushchair as we fully expected her to want to run around and take part, which we knew would be frowned upon! Lilly definitely did want to take part and she had various meltdowns about not being allowed to “play”. She did calm down a bit when I told her she can play next time though!

This sparked the train of thought again, about Lilly needing to socialise with other children her age too. Amelia has learned so much since being at “big school” as she calls it, but Lilly can’t start there until January. We have taken a lot into consideration when it comes to childcare for Lilly. I feel she needs the 1-2-1 teaching that a nursery keyworker would give, but also require free play to really explore her imagination too. With this, and her starting at Amelia’s nursery in January, we have decided that despite the major incident that happened at their previous nursery back in January, we will give that nursery a second chance.
This, of course, hasn’t come without a lot of questions and thinking things through, which we’ve been thinking about for a while now. Even though we technically have a place for her to start there in September, we still want to go in to have a refresher of their procedures and things! – I’m being a bit vague as I don’t want to mention what happened to make us take the girls out before, not yet anyway!

So that’s it for now really! Amelia is loving “big school” and has made so many friends. I’m a bit sad for her knowing that quite a few of her friends will be moving up to reception in September though, but I’m hoping she’ll transition through it all well. She is also pretty in with the boys too, she sits with them all for her lunch when she gets there and many of the photos she’s in, there’s usually a boy with her!

This will probably be the last update until September when the chaos fun starts all over again after the summer holidays!

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