Kooties Coveralls Review

*This post includes gifted items.

If your children are anything like mine, they’re always getting messy in one way or another. Be it getting muddy in the garden when they “help” with the digging that doesn’t really need to be done, or even just getting completely covered in paint when they want to paint a picture.

Kooties Coveralls very kindly sent Amelia a set of their Paramedic themed coveralls for her to try out. They have a few different designs to choose from which is great and you can even buy a multipack that includes all of the designs if you can’t just pick one!

Recently, we have been giving some furniture a makeover and Amelia was more than willing to help out. Once she put them on, she pulled up the zip and was good to go!

A girl wearing

Amelia washing down a table before we sanded it.

A girl wearing

Amelia helping to paint a cupboard door. Don’t worry, she did have a face mask on – just not for this photo!

Kooties coveralls are made from recycled materials and when it’s time to say goodbye they can be recycled in the textile recycling bins which are usually in your local supermarkets. Kooties are working on introducing a recycling program of their own though!

Kooties coveralls can’t be machine washed, so after Amelia was finished helping us with the painting, I popped her coveralls into the sink with cold water in, rinsed them, then gently hand-washed them with a little washing powder and they came up as good as new! I was actually pretty surprised how the paint just washed out of them because she did seem to get more paint on her coveralls than on what she wanted to paint – haha!

Overall, I’d be happy to recommend Kooties Coveralls for any little ones who love getting their hands – and themselves – dirty.
They wash well, keep clothes protects and keep our little ones happy!

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Untitled design-5
Untitled design-7
Untitled design-6

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