A photo of baby bump at the later stages of pregnancy with second child

Lillys Pregnancy and Birth Story

I’ve recently written about my pregnancy and labour with Amelia. I can’t believe how fresh in my mind both girls labours are – I guess they’ll always be pretty clear though!
While labour with Amelia was pretty intense and lasted around 8hours, Lillys was different. But let’s skip back to the start of pregnancy, shall we!
Finding out about Lilly was a big shock to us all. I’d been back on birth control and had been for about 2months. Bear in mind Amelia was born mid-October, so I went back on the pill in November or December sometime.
From what I remember, we found out about Lilly around early February, the same sort of time as Amelia. I clearly remember that the birth control pill I was taking was one that I would still have a “bleed” each month, but my “bleed” hadn’t happened and I generally felt a bit off.
So, suspecting pregnancy and being absolutely terrified at the thought of being pregnant again regardless of how soon it was, I decided to take a test. I remember taking a test and the lines being so faint that I wasn’t sure of the answer. I waited until hubby came home from work to tell him what was going on. He wasn’t convinced that the faint second line was even there. I tested again the next morning, but first thing in the morning and it was positive. Still a fainter line, but that’s when I was sure. We did still go ahead and take a digital pregnancy test, to be 100% and that was positive too.
After letting it sink in for a few days, we came round to the idea of having two children so close together. Personally, this was something I had wanted, but as hubby ideally wanted to wait a year or so between having another child, I was happy to wait. Of course, Lilly had other ideas though!
Midwife appointments with Lilly were pretty plain sailing, although I was measuring big, I put this down to still being podgey after having Amelia, but my midwife didn’t agree. Due to measuring big, I had ultrasound scans on a fortnightly basis, this was great to see the babies progress, but it was a little tedious to go back every two weeks.
With measuring big, they predicted Lilly to be born at around 8lb in weight! But with how well my pregnancy went and with no gestational diabetes this time, I was allowed to go to 40 weeks in hopes that Lilly would come naturally. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case! I ended up being induced at 41weeks.

My induction this time around was short and sweet. I went to the hospital in the morning and I remember being seen early afternoon time to have a pessary put in. After constantly going to the loo and numerous walks all day, I was put on the monitor around 9pm. By 9:30pm I was rushed down to the delivery suite as the baby was showing signs of distress. I was checked over and told that my waters had broken! Because we had no idea when they’d broken, as there was literally no evidence of it happening, the midwife and consultant were recommending me to have a cesarian section, but I refused.
Shortly after been given some paracetamol and throwing them back up, I remember the contractions starting. Then came the overwhelming feeling of almost passing out. I clearly remember looking at hubby and my mum just sat there on their phones, completely clueless to the fact I felt myself going light headed and could feel myself pushing. I said I was pushing and the midwife told me to stop – I couldn’t. I genuinely believe that at that moment, your body just takes over. It knows what it should be doing and when! The midwife checked me over and there was Lilly’s head! Aside from coming out covered in poop, she was perfectly fine.

After hubby helped clean her up, Lilly was placed in my arms.


My teeny girl. Born 8th November 2016.

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