7 wishes for my children

7 Wishes For My Children

From the moment I found out I was expecting, I have always had wishes for both Amelia and Lilly. I’ve been thinking more about how my childhood and teenage years were recently and that’s sparked my thoughts into writing my wishes for my girls.
I’m sure that if you have children or want children in the future you may be able to relate to these. Or maybe your children how already flown the nest, did you have wishes similar for your children?
Here are 7 wishes I have for both of my children:
1. I wish for you to grow up knowing you can always talk to me. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but I know how much I needed someone to talk to growing up and I hope you’ll both always feel comfortable enough to talk to me.
2. I wish for you to always follow your dreams. Whether you want to be a hairdresser (Amelia) or a -facepalm- BuzzyBee (Lilly), please never doubt yourself or let others cloud your vision so you achieve everything you dream of.
3. I wish that neither of you experiences bullying. This is a hard wish because bullying can come in many different ways. But I truly hope that neither of you experiences it, as I did all throughout my school years.
4. I wish for you to have great friendships with children who end up being life long friends. I only have a few close friends, some of which I have known since nursery and grew up with and I hope you have true friends like I do – even if there’s only a few!
5. I wish you both do the right thing, even when it’s hard. This may be considered to be a bit “deep”, but there have been times in my life where I have known the right decision to make but found it too hard.
6. I wish for you to forgive me for any “mistakes” I may make while raising you. As I’ve always said, I’m just winging it – but I hope you understand that I’m trying my absolute best to always do the best for you.
7. I wish for you to find someone who you want to share your life with, that brings out the best in you and picks you up when you’re feeling down, just like I have.
What wishes do you have for your children?
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