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Back at the start of the year, I shared with you how I was using my planner to keep us all organised. Well, now we’re 6 months in – it’s gone so fast, right?! – and my organisation for appointments and what-not has changed to something that I’ve found that suits me far better.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the Happy Planner range, but it just doesn’t suit me to stay so structured in my organisation – especially with keeping track of hubby shifts, Amelias nursery, all of our appointments and whatever else!
Now, I’ve switched to two things, which have been tried and tested for at least 4 months or so now and that’s a family calendar and a notebook.
family calendar
The family calendar has 6 columns which we’ve given ourselves a column each (Me, hubby, Amelia, Lilly) then we have a column for “Misc” and Family. The birthday column is already written on for us.
For hubby, we use a colour code to plot his work pattern for the month and any days off. That way if he has appointments, which is rare, we still have room to write them in. Mine and Lilly’s columns are usually pretty bare, but I use Amelias to keep a reminder of what activities she has at nursery as, for example, every other Monday she has “Muddy Mondays” so she needs her wellies and Fridays she has P.E so she has to wear trousers and trainers.
We use the “Misc” column for any family days out we have planned, so we don’t double book ourselves and the “Family” column is for if my mum is coming over, or if we’ve preplanned hubbys parents to have the girls overnight for us.
For myself, I now keep a separate notebook which I write down a daily to-do list which is usually a to-do list for my blog as I consider it work.
Mood tracker
Since being diagnosed with PMDD I have also been drawing out a mood-tracking calendar which I use a colour code to keep track of my moods throughout the month.
Since switching to this calendar and notebook set up, I’ve definitely found my organisation has improved so much. Also, my time management too when it comes to appointments!
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