Zimpli Kids colour change Gelli Baff

Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff

*this post contains a gifted product.
After all the videos and hype I’d heard about children making and playing with slime and gel-type baths, I was so curious to see what all the fuss was about. When Zimpli Kids offered to send me some of their products, I couldn’t say no!
The packaging is super bright and colourful, which makes it appealing for children. The girls kept asking what it was when they saw it, so when I told them it was magic for the bath they were so intrigued!
To get started, you simply run a shallow bath of warm water and, for the Colour Change Gelli Baff that we chose to try out, you pour in the contents of sachet 1 into the water, as evenly as you can. Then you just wait! I think it was around 10 minutes or so that the bath had completely Gelli-fied! It was such a strange feeling. The Gelli Baff was like loads of tiny pieces of jelly!
The girls had so much fun playing in it. Lilly was a little apprehensive at first, but once she saw Amelia sat down and playing in it, she felt confident enough to sit down and play too. She ended up loving it!
After a while of playing in the yellow Gelli, we added in sachet 2. This was the colour changing sachet, but it also liquified the Gelli ready to drain away!
The girls were mesmerised by the colour change, and they enjoyed helping to mix it in.
The draining process was super simple, once the second sachet was added, the plug could be removed so it could drain away as it was pretty liquified. There were however a few bits of Gelli left, but we found that they were small enough to be rinsed down the drain by putting the shower on – and there was only a handful too, so we weren’t concerned about blocking the drain at all.
Overall I would happily recommend the Gelli Baff products from Zimpli Kids. The process was pretty mess-free and fun for both children and adults!
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