If I Was a Matchmaker

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Sometimes in amongst my day-to-day thoughts and to-do’s, I often find myself wondering what I’d do if I had a different job, if I wasn’t a stay at home mummy, a housewife, a writer. After reminiscing with my hubby about how and when we met, our first conversations and our first few dates, a job that came to mind was being a matchmaker. With free dating sites being more popular ways of meeting people, than the old fashioned way of going to a bar or meeting people through friends, it really got me thinking about what I would do if I was a matchmaker.
If I had a job as a matchmaker I would make sure the process is safe but also fun! Meeting people for the first time can be such a worry that if it was my job then I’d want to make sure that you would feel as relaxed as possible. I remember being so nervous on dates when hubby and I first started seeing each other and we always went out for a meal and to the cinema, which was fun at the time, but we didn’t really get to know each other very well through sitting and watching films – haha.

So, when it comes to staying safe during the dating process, I would always aim to set up dates during the day time and advise on both parties to attend with a chaperone, if possible, so they have someone there for them. That way, if the date isn’t going well, you have someone to “rescue” you, or if it goes amazingly, you have someone there to debrief at the end! Sometimes we feel more relaxed too if we know that someone we know is close by. Of course if a chaperone isn’t available, or your prefer not to have one, just make sure to tell your family and close friends where you’re going, what time and who you’re meeting.
When pairing people I think I would try my best to stick to what their ideal “criteria” for their “ideal” partners. But, when thinking about pairing people up, I do think that opposites really attract and sometimes what people think they want in a partner, just isn’t what works out for them. I also would try to pair introverts and extroverts together because the louder more outgoing people may bring out the more adventurous side of quieter people!
To make the dating experience super fun, I would set peoples dates up at locations that have a relaxed cafe area for the initial “getting to know each other” chats but are also based at an activity centre of some sort! Just imagine going on a date and going paint balling or doing a muddy obstacle course! You’d have to work together with someone you barely know, to get problems solved, or have them help you across a muddy balance beam – it would be such a fun way to get to know each other, wouldn’t it?! Another great activity would be to do an escape room. You really see a different side to people when they’re trying to escape from somewhere within a time limit – but I think this would be one for a second or third date!
Welovedates.com suggest amazing places to visit, like museums or the zoo – which I remember being such lovely and memorable dates too. If you’re looking for more intimate or quieter dates, they suggest berry picking or baking, which depending on the time of year, you could go and pick berries which you then use in your baking! Make that date extra long and bond for the full day over some lovely homebaked foods – it would be so romantic.

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