A photo of what my toddler takes around with her in her backpack. A foldable toilet seat, a dress, spare pants and a cardigan

What’s in my Toddlers Backpack

For Christmas the girls received their very own personalised backpacks from their Uncle Andrew. The backpacks he chose are perfect for their personalities and their tastes – Amelia loves unicorns and Lilly likes “pretty fowlers (flowers)” as she would say!
The backpacks are from My 1st Years and I love that they’re both personalised with their names, so not only is there no arguing over them – I don’t have to worry about them getting muddled up with another childs backpack at nursery either!
Amelia uses her backpack daily for nursery, so what she takes out day-to-day usually stays the same. At the time of writing this the weather has been actually really nice, so her spare change of clothes is a summer dress that Amelia chose, a cardigan that’s definitely seen better days and 2 pairs of her favourite mermaid pants from Primark. If we’re out and about visiting family, out on a long walk or a trip somewhere, we also take along Amelias travel toilet seat, because it’s no fun for her to try and wee with me trying not to drop her down the loo – I very almost did it once, she didn’t find it very funny..
Lillys backpack has pretty much the same in, only instead of pants, she’ll have a couple of nappies, wipes and a wet bag! Of course they’d both have their drinks and on a sunny day we’d pop the suncream into one of their backpacks too.
It’s amazing how much you can actually fit in toddler backpacks. I had looked at buying these backpack from My 1st Years myself, but I did think they looked a little bit on the small side – they’re not!
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