Frog potty training toilet seat

Toilet Time on the Go

Potty training was one major thing to conquer before Amelia started nursery and now we’re through the stages of bribing her to use the potty and she’s now confidently using the “big girl” toilet, we needed to find something that Amelia could use when we’re out and about.

potty training toilet seat

At home we have a cushioned Paw Patrol toilet seat which we picked up from B&M, but as this doesn’t fold up, we can’t exactly take this out with us, not easily anyway.

Frog potty training toilet seat

After scouring through Amazon one evening, I spotted this froggy toilet training seat which conveniently folds up and has its own little bag! It folds up small enough for Amelia to fit it in her backpack, which is great and she feels so proud of herself to know that she’s carrying her special seat herself – she’s very independent!

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.13.21

Untitled design-5Untitled design-7Untitled design-6

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