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#FeelHipp When Feeding a Fussy Toddler

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Since we first started weaning, which feels like a lifetime ago now (where are my babies going?!) the girls have had a few issues with food.
We began weaning both of the girls around 6months old, using both babyled and traditional methods of weaning and now that the girls are 2 and 3, we’re well past the initial weaning stage but both of the girls can be super fussy.
Amelia is only just getting back into eating fresh fruit and veggies and Lilly just completely refuses to eat vegetables on their own and if we even put them on her plate, she refuses to eat her dinner at all!
So how do we make sure that Lilly gets at least some of her 5 a day?
Lilly is such a lover of cereal! We offer her toast, which is Amelias favourite, but Lilly almost always asks for cereal. She really enjoys Weetabix with some chopped up banana.

As mentioned here, they’ve both been enjoying Hipp Organics banana and plum musli recently too.
We tend to keep lunches the same each day, more so for Lilly with her being particular in what she wants.
Without fail every day Lilly asks for a cheese and ketchup sandwich – which is a personal favourite of mine when I was a child.
We use sandwich cutters to make them into different shapes for her and it makes making sandwiches so much more fun for me too- haha! Lilly also has a few cheesy puffs or “melty” crisps (own brand quavers or skips etc) and usually some cocktail sausages or some picnic eggs on the side.
Then Lilly will have a piece of fruit for after lunch, or as an in between lunch and dinner snack, depending how much she ate. Her favourite fruit is banana, I guess it’s because how easy it is to eat, but she’s also starting to enjoy oranges more too.
Hipp Organic have a great range of toddler meals that start from weaning age right through to toddlerhood, which is amazing! Lillys favourite is the Classic Spaghetti Bolognese tray meal, which is recommended for ages 1-3years.
Hipp Organic food
Despite the typical toddler dinner time mess, she absolute loves it and I get peace of mind knowing that Lilly’s having a great balanced meal with all the goodness she needs. The Hipp Organic tray meals are super quick to heat up too, which is fab for me as I tend to reach more for these meals when hubby is working or we’re generally in a dinner-time rush. Amelia sometimes has the Hipp Organic tray meals too.
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