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Foot Measuring at Home

Since the girls were babies, I’ve always been one to try and do as much as I can for them without having to go out and about – especially to busy shopping centres.
I personally don’t like taking the girls to get their feet measured, I guess it’s a slight fear of germs but also a fear of being judged if the shoes they’re wearing that day are a bit snug.
Foot measuring
A while ago now, I purchased a toddler foot measuring gauge and using the Clarks measure at home online guide, measuring the girls’ feet is actually so easy.
Sometimes entering the numbers into the online calculator is a bit confusing because it asks for millimetres, but the measuring gauge is in centimetres. Even after converting them, the calculator doesn’t always work. I’ve not long figured out that the number in the middle circle of the gauge is actually the European size and converting that is alot easier!
Clarks size calculator
Another fab thing about having the measuring gauge is that I can measure their feet whenever I like! I generally keep an eye on how their shoes are fitting before re-measuring, but if it’s been a little while, I can just grab the gauge and play shoe shops with them which makes it super fun for them too!
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