Reusable cloth sanitary pads in different shapes, sizes and patterns

Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads

For a while now I have been looking in to different ways to reduce our household waste. With nappies, wipes and sanitary towels being some of the most common non-recyclable single-use plastics in a household, I have tried my best to decrease the use of them by switching to reusable alternatives. Reusable cloth sanitary pads are probably one of the most scary changes to make at first. I hope to clear a few things up, to help you along on your journey.

Reusable cloth sanitary pads in different shapes, sizes and patterns
Switching to cloth sanitary pads has actually been quite a breeze! I spent a good few months researching the different sizes, styles and levels of absorbency, while using up my stash of disposables.
I must admit that I did find that overall, as cloth sanitary pads are handmade (or the ones I like are) they are a little pricey. But, I completely overlooked the cost, when I know they’re going to last years. It means I’ll eventually see a financial saving and be decreasing our household waste!
Here are a few of the shops I purchased my pads from:
Luna Landings
One Cheeky Bee
Rag Hag Shop
Fanny Paddams
Nooby Noo
There are SO many more shops about, but I’d be here forever listing them all – haha! 
I’ve been using cloth sanitary pads for 3months now and since making the switch I’ve found that:

My periods aren’t as heavy as I thought

It does sound a bit silly, but along with my next few points, when using disposable sanitary pads, I found my period to be a lot “messier”.

I’m not changing pads as much as I was with disposables

When I purchased my reusable pads, I completed overestimated how many I’d really need. As I’d get through at least one pack of daily pads, which had around 30 pads in and 4 or 5 nighttime pads, I assumed I’d need the same amount of cloth pads too! It may just be my experience, but I definitely don’t need as many. I’ve got around 30 reusable cloth sanitary pads, in different absorbencies, and every month since switching I’ve had more pads left over.

I don’t fear “leaking” when out and about.

On my first day using cloth pads, I actually went on a slightly unplanned day out with my mum. I was out for around 4 hours without a second thought and didn’t worry about leaking once.

I don’t feel uncomfortable from the plasticy feeling “down there”

It may just be me but, when I used disposable pads, by day 4 or 5 I was so prepared to go pad free because of how uncomfortable I felt “down there”. I’d then end up changing pads more often, creating more waste! Now, I find my periods to be so comfortable and like most people using cloth pads, I look forward to my period because of how much comfier they are!


I soak the pads, topside down, in cold water which has a stain remover for colours mixed in. I do this for 4 hours or longer if I can, usually in the bathroom sink.
I then squeeze each pad out and check for any stains. There have been a couple which are lighter fabrics that have discoloured slightly. Any that have light stains, I use a stain remover which has a brush, so I can really get the stain treatment into the fabric.
After I’ve rinsed and checked each pad, I wash on 40° with a low spin and an extra rinse (that’s just my preference though!)

Do you use reusable cloth sanitary pads? If not, would you consider switching?
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  1. Insecure Housewife (@InsecureHW) says:

    All those things you have listed are reasons why I haven’t switched to cloth pads yet. That and for a while there I had no idea where to even look to buy them. Though I haven’t switched yet, this makes me feel a bit more confident about going ahead with this switch. It would be really nice to cut down on this monthly waste contribution.

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