Toddler backpacks, sandals, wellies, shoes and hats all ready for a day out, but can we get out of the house?

Leaving the House with Toddlers

Since the girls were babies, quite frankly it’s been a nightmare trying to even leave the house, let alone getting anywhere on time, ever.
Now I have a 2 and a 3 year old and has it changed now they’re older? No. Of course it hasn’t. So here’s a run down of how we escape our house, when we do – which lets face it, we only leave the house if we really have to!

Getting the Girls Ready

Are they dressed?
Lilly still insists on taking her socks off every single time I put them on – that’s not to mention the fact she’s recently figured out how to take her clothes off in a matter of minutes, so we’re lucky if she stays dressed at all while we’re getting ready to go out. As for Amelia, she is almost never happy with clothes we pick out for her now, if she had her way she’d be wearing summer dresses every day.
Toilet checks.
Amelia’s always so sure that she doesn’t need a wee right before we leave, but of course I ask her to go anyway – cue the ultimate meltdown – when she does get up to the toilet, she does the longest wee, then sits on the loo singing while unravelling all the toilet roll. Another thing to clean up before we leave, great.
Put your shoes on.
Here comes another meltdown.
Lilly wants her Peppa Pig wellies on and Amelia wants to wear sandals. It’s a trainer day for where we’re heading (most likely nursery, lets face it), when they’re eventually on after uncurling toes and double-knotting laces, it’s time for them to jump and shout about – they’re bonkers!
Backpack Flatlay
Coats, hats and backpacks.
When it comes to coats, I pretty much never pick the right one. Not because the girls don’t want to wear what I pick but I always seem to misjudge the weather! If they have no coat, it’s usually too cold out and if they’re wearing hoodies, it’s far too warm – I can’t win.
Hats are a bit hit and miss. If it’s a sunny day, they love wearing their caps, but do we need them when it’s raining? They seem to think so!
The girls don’t always take out their backpacks, Amelia uses hers for nursery and it’s rare Lilly needs hers, but she insists that she needs it almost every time – even if it’s empty.

Now, Am I Ready?

Am I dressed? Wearing yesterdays t-shirt that’s just about passed the sniff test and has no unexplained (or explained) stains – we’re only doing the nursery drop off, don’t worry about it.
Hair done? If it’s the day after hair wash day, I’m usually very proudly presenting myself with my freshly washed and straightened hair. If it’s closer to hair wash day, I’m usually rocking a high ponytail – I’d of said a mum bun, but I look like an egg with a mum bun so I only sport it in the house.
Deodorant? Yes, or a “shower in a can” as my hubby calls it – we do shower though, honest!
Teeth brushed? Maybe. Lets face it, I’m very lucky if I’ve had time to even put deodorant on without thinking about brushing my teeth too. I consider it a huge parenting win for anyone who’s manages to do both on a daily basis!
Shoes on. Coat on. Run upstairs for a wee before I forget again.
Get out before anyone has chance to have another meltdown.

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