a-z of parenting spelt out using toddler puzzle pieces

A – Z of Parenting

A - Z of parenting spelt out with childrens wooden puzzle pieces
Firstly, thank you to Erin over at Mother of All That is Perry for kindly tagging me to do this post!
I feel it’s fitting now the girls are learning their ABC’s for me to share with you, my A-Z of parenting.

A – Accents

The girls love imaginary play – they always talk in funny accents for their little toys.

B – Baby Wearing

Something I never thought I’d do, but Lilly loved being carried and being close to one of us instead of being in a pram.
Baby being carried in a carrier by her mother

C – Coffee

The fuel of parenting – am I right?!


It’s a given that DDH would be “D”. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip is still something I worry so much about, I don’t think I’ll ever not worry.

E – Energy

I’m still trying to find the place the girls keep getting all their energy from – I need some!

F – Fed is Best

Definitely something I had to keep reminding myself during the girls earlier days. Amelia had the first 3 breast-feeds and when were were home from hospital, she struggled to latch so we turned to formula. Lilly wouldn’t latch from the beginning and I had no help or guidance in hospital – it was a good job we took formula with us.

G – Games and Puzzles

Lilly is the puzzle master lately and puzzles have helped both her speech and number/letter recognition so much! We all love joining in playing games too – our latest is hide and seek when we’re stuck indoors!
A child doing her wooden puzzles, the puzzle pieces are scattered on the floor

H – Hairloss

I had no idea that the thick luscious locks I gained during pregnancy, would result in losing so much hair, even upto two years after giving birth!

I – Injuries

From Amelia hitting her head and ending up in A&E with an eyebrow that needed glueing together, to little trips causing grazed knees during walks. No matter how old they are, little ones will end up with some kind of injuries.

J – Joking

Amelias new phrase is “I’m only joking mummy!” She’s such a little character, Lilly’s learning from her too – help me! Haha.

K – Kisses and Cuddles

I’m making the most of the girls enjoying cuddles on the sofa and plenty of cheeky kisses too, I dread the day they say it’s too much. They’ll always be my babies!

L – Loneliness

Becoming a parent can be pretty lonely whether you stay at home or not and it’s something that should be talked about more.

M – Matching Outfits

Admit it, we’ve all either matched our outfits to out little ones, or matched our little ones together – it’s so cute!

N – Nursery

Finally some “me” time, even just for a few hours. The girls love socialising and making new friends so they both enjoy nursery. Amelia’s recently started a new nursery and Lilly will be going there next year too.

O – Organisation

Clothes, toys, nappies, toiletries, you name it – it needs organising and I’m usually the one to do it – I love being the one to get us organised though!

P – Potty Training

The dread and fear of having to clean up pee and poop off the carpets and anywhere else can be pretty off putting, but letting little ones take the lead can make the whole process go a little smoother.

Q – Quick Shower

Since becoming a mama, nearly 4 years ago (woah), I’ve definitely learnt how to take quick showers. I’m talking those rare 10 minutes I can cram in a shower before I *think* I hear someone crying! Yes “shower schizophrenia” is still very much a thing.

R – Recipes

I’m always searching for quick, toddler friendly recipes as the girls are SO fussy.

S – Self Care

Self care is a must for any parent to keep relatively sane. Just taking half an hour out of an evening to pamper yourself or make a start on that boxset you’ve been wanting can really help improve your mood.

T – Teething

Teething can be SO awful, it’s horrible to see your little one’s suffer because of their teeth starting to come through.
baby and toddler toothbrushes and toothpaste

U – Under the Sofa

Where most of those little puzzle pieces and toys end up!

V – Vacuum

It doesn’t matter how many times I vacuum, theirs always some kind of mess that needs cleaning up.

W – Weaning

We did a mixture of baby-led weaning and traditional weaning for both girls. It was fun to see them explore the foods by themselves, but we also felt like sitting and feeding them helped them learn to use a spoon/fork too.

X – Xylophone

The one toy we ended up with which was donated to charity pretty quickly afterwards too!

Y – YouTube

One of those things that gives us all guilt, yet in this day and age, we shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that almost all of us let our little ones watch YouTube from time to time. How else could they learn all the words to baby shark?

Z – Zebra

It’s always for Zebra – isn’t it?
I hope you’ve enjoyed my fun little A-Z of parenting, it’s been fun to write!
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