PMDD: After Diagnosis

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve been “officially” diagnosed with PMDD and I still don’t feel like I fully know what, or should I say why, this is going on.
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During my last cycle, I experienced the worst feelings of anxiety and down-ness (for personal reasons, I’d prefer to steer away from using the word “depression”). I found myself getting so angry super quickly too.
All my life I’ve been pretty well known for my irritability during my period, but nothing this bad. I can be super happy and smiley one minute and then BAM something will suddenly send me into a fit of rage and I can’t help it. I hate it. I hate that I can’t help the way I can just change.
I’m pretty flipping lucky that my husband understands that this is almost definitely going to happen every single month without fail and I can’t praise him enough for being on hand with the cuddles, chocolate and knowing when to leave me alone too.
Right now I just wish I could really sense when the fits of rage are coming, that way I could try to help myself to calm down before they even happen.
When it comes to my medication, I am still taking the evening primrose oil capsules. I must admit I’ve not been taking them as much as I should and I know that I need to. So I’m probably not helping myself as much as I could be, but I have every intention on trying my hardest to remember to take the tablets every day from now on.
I’m writing this post during PMDD awareness month, the beginning of my sh*t week as I call it and also the same day that the BBC covered PMDD too – please do go over and watch the clip and if you or anyone you know are experiencing any of the symptoms, please don’t feel like you’re alone – speak to someone and please go to your GP.
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