Quick Breakfast on the Go: Nutribuddy Shake Complete

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As you know, I’m a mummy of two toddlers and there are so many days where I’ll just forget to have breakfast! This isn’t a good thing atall given that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.
Recently I have been trying out the Nutribuddy Shake Complete, which I was very kindly been gifted, as I needed something to make sure I’m getting all the energy I can first thing in the morning, but is also quick enough to suit my busier days – especially the days when we’re running a bit late!

Nutribuddy has 3 core values: to sell products that you will love and the will make you happy, to only sell products made with the finest, healthy ingredients and to make products with the environment in mind.
All of the 3 values I feel are 100% in line with the whole experience that I have had with Nutribuddy from placing an order to consuming! Something I think is really great is that all of the packaging is recyclable, unlike other brands products that are usually in plastic tubs, the Nutribuddy Shake Complete comes in cardboard packaging – plus it’s a beautiful colour, so you could even get away with using it as decor around the house!
The Vanilla shake is made with gluten free oats and so many other yummy and organic ingredients. I found the taste to be amazing – it tastes exactly like porridge, with a vanilla flavour and it doesn’t leave any sort of horrible aftertaste which is another huge plus!
To make the shake, you just put 4 scoops of the powder into your shaker bottle, along with 400ml of milk or a milk substitute (this could be almond milk, soya milk, coconut milk etc) and give it a good shake. Not only does the shake taste SO good, it also makes me feel so full!
After using the full 14 day supply of the Nutribuddy Shake Complete which lasted me longer than 14 days, I have found that I’ve not only maintained a great balance of all my meals throughout the day, but I have actually lost inches around my waist! Some days I did actually have the shake with regular, semi-skimmed milk, but I really did enjoy it so much more when I had it with almond milk, which is what Nutribuddy actually recommends!
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