Babymel changing back which is black and grey striped

Baby Changing Bag Essentials

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I started out motherhood using the grey stripe Babymel Cara changing bag. This bag suited me because I desperately wanted a bag that didn’t really look like a baby changing bag. You know, the bright and colourful ones that I secretly WISH I actually used, looking back.
I found the overall ease of use and durability of the bag great! It had inside pockets for bottles and an outer pocket which I used for my keys, purse and phone. The strap comfortably fit over my shoulder for those rare moments we were without a pushchair – like nipping into a shop – and the longer strap was fully adjustable to pop it over the handles of the pushchair. It came with a changing pad, which was nice to pop over changing tables in public toilets and this folded up nicely to fit with plenty of room left inside the bag. It did also come with an insulated bottle bag, but I didn’t use it must to be honest as the Dr Browns bottles we were using didn’t really fit in it.
My baby bag essentials that I almost always kept inside the bag were:
Wipes – A given really, even now I carry wipes with us just in case we have another incident like when we went to the park.
Nappies – Again, an obvious one, be it disposable or cloth nappies, they’re best to be kept in your bag just so you don’t have to worry about not having enough. Plus, if you’re stuck at home and you ever run out of disposables, you’ll thank yourself for keeping some spares hidden away in your changing bag until you get some more!
Wet bag – If you’re using cloth nappies, a wet bag is a must! But I’d recommend any parent to carry one with them in case you have a poop-splosion or a super messy meal that needs a change of clothes.
Change of clothes – especially vests and socks! Socks were almost always flung off feet, especially in supermarkets. We actually still have Amelias first “odd sock” which was a result of her losing the other one in Morrisons.. is that sad?!┬áVests are also a must have for spares, for those famous poop-up-the-back in the car seat moments, also for extra dribble moments or messy meals too!
Muslin/burp cloths – forgotten your bibs? Use a cloth. Somehow ran out of nappies while you’re out? Use a cloth – it may not be super absorbent but you’ll be glad to have one handy! Sicky baby? Use a cloth. Unexpected hot day, but you’ve not got a hat for your little one? Twist the corners of a cloth (maybe even tie with a hairband) and make a quick hat until you can pick one up!
It’s been a while since I used a “proper” changing bag as the girls are now 2 and 3, so we don’t need much on our outings nowadays, and what we do need I pop into my handbag or their backpacks instead but I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post!
What are/were your essentials?
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