Marianne’s Portion Plate

*this post contains a gifted product.

As I’ve been venturing on a new healthier lifestyle this year, following the Slimming World plan and working out at home, I’ve still been overcoming my issues with portion sizes.

I grew up eating bigger than “average” portions, so I guess it’s something that just stuck with me throughout my teenage years and now my twenties. With reading up and researching more about the correct nutrition and things, having a portion plate has become quite the help with maintaining a healthier diet.

Marianne’s plate is split into 3 sections to include each major food group: ½ of the plate salad or vegetables, ¼ of the plate poultry, meat or fish and ¼ of the plate pasta, rice or potatoes.

So far I have found it such a great help to keep my meals portioned correctly and I’m enjoying keeping everything looking clean too!

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.13.21

Untitled design-5Untitled design-7Untitled design-6

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