Amelia's Learning so Much

Following on from my last post talking about Amelias behaviour since starting her new nursery, I’ve decided to keep this space as a diary to document her nursery days more. I figure it’ll be nice to look back on her time in nursery, also to note things (like issues we think may be nursery related) in case anyone else is going through the same, or even if we experience the same with Lilly.
Amelia’s still having a fair amount of tantrums at the moment. It’s hard to pinpoint if it’s just tiredness or what, but it’s still happening and I’m trying my very best to help her understand that if she’s feeling upset, then to take a moment to calm down instead of going to hit me.
She’s been learning so much though. Her counting from 1-10 is spot on and she’s even learning to count past 10 now!

Her artwork is slightly questionable, you may’ve seen my instagram post about this photo.. I’m sure it’s meant to say “hello”,  I instantly saw “help” at first glance, but Amelia is certain it says her name! Anyway, she does like pattern and mark making and is always praised on how well she holds a pencil!
We’ve started to teach her to read and write! Yes, it may seem “early” as she’s only 3, but there’s no harm in us spending a few minutes every so often, seeing if Amelia can trace the letters we write. Nursery send home a reading book which gets changed every week, so we sit down of an evening after Lilly goes to bed and read it with her. We also break it down so that Amelia can read it with us too and she loves it!
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