Balls of different coloured play doh, pink, blue, yellow

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

After spending plenty of time being “stuck” indoors throughout the girls’ toddlerhood, be it due to my own anxieties or when Ameila was in a Spica cast during her hip dysplasia treatment, there has been SO many times where I’ve been at a loose end with the girls, so I want to share some indoor activities we enjoy:

Play Doh: Yes it can be messy, but the girls love playing with Play Doh, making shapes and mixing the colours together is so much fun for them and they love the different textures too. We have a messy mat which I believe was from Mothercare a few years ago, it’s just a plastic mat that protects the floor, but you could also use an old bedsheet or newspaper. If you do get it on the carpet, wait for it to dry and it’ll scrape up easier.

Balls of different coloured play doh, pink, blue, yellow

Biscuit Decorating with icing and sprinkles: This is super quick, easy and edible! A few lovely ladies over on instagram suggested this when the girls were ill not too long ago. Simply mix up some icing with icing sugar and water and let your little ones decorate some plain digestive biscuits with the icing and add some sprinkles too! If you’re feeling up to it and you have the ingredients, you could also make your own biscuits to decorate too.

Colouring/Drawing/Painting: Super simple and probably pretty obvious one too. I’m yet to hear about a little one who doesn’t like exploring their creative side by making marks on paper. Both girls still use crayons but they’re venturing into using coloured pencils now. As for painting, we have opted for paint pens as they’re easier to use and there’s nowhere near as much mess – if any.
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Salt Dough Decorations: Using the recipe I have written about here, we love getting hands on and making new little decorative pieces for the house. Amelias latest piece was a Christmas decoration that she made at her old nursery.
What activities do your little ones enjoy when you’re staying home for the day?
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