Nursery Diaries?

I’m beginning to think I’ll have a whole section of my blog that’s dedicated to the girls and nursery – haha.
As I’ve said previously, Lilly isn’t going anymore, which is actually proving to be less trouble than expected. What I mean by that is that I can still get a few things done while Lillys at home with me and I didn’t think I would to be honest.
Now, Amelia’s been at her new nursery for almost two months now and she’s doing really well there. BUT, when she’s at home with us, she is horrible. I mean, slapping and kicking horrible.
I hate hate hate using negative words against anyone, more so my own children! But I just don’t know what going on with Amelia at the moment, is it nursery? Or is it just that she’s being a typical threenager?
We’ve asked at nursery what Amelia’s like when she’s there, they were shocked to hear that she’s being mean to us as home as she’s practically perfect while she’s there.
I keep mulling it over and I’m seriously questioning whether she’s picking up some naughty things from some of the children there. Toddlers are so easily influenced by who and what’s around them, so could it be them?
Maybe she’s not ready yet? This nursery is very much preparing children for school as it’s at the school. Amelias old place was more of a play-based learning nursery, with a keyworker for each child, but this one isn’t. It’s structured with set times for learning different things, like in school.
I’ve actually been looking into homeschooling, but that’s a post for a different day. As children don’t need to be in any formal education until they’re 5, we have plenty of time to figure out what we’re doing, but I’m so tempted to give it a go when the time comes!
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