Teething Tips and Essentials

Teething can be a worrying and stressful time for both parents and little ones, so I wanted to compile a little list of things that we fund useful through teething troubles!
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Bonjela teething gel – this stuff worked absolute wonders during the first teething stage of teething when the teeth were first trying to nudge their  way through. All you do is rub a teeny amount on little ones gums and it numbs their gums for a bit of relief!
Teethers – there a few different types of teethers, we used all of them and they all worked well for the girls, so I wanted to include them all.
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Cooling teethers – these are teethers that you can pop in the fridge so they get nice and cold, they usually have a raised texture too, which helps to massage the gums.
Teething rings – another teether from Nuby, but this one has different textures for little ones to explore and help to massage gums like the cooling teethers do.
Silicone teething jewellery – we discovered silicone teethers/teething jewellery on instagram, but you do have to be wary buying these things from ‘unknown’ sellers. Always make sure to see their saftey testing info first! I actually got all the beads and made my own necklaces for the girls to chomp on, I even had a chew myself and they’re actually quite satisfying to chomp on – haha.
Absorbent bibs! Many of you may know, I used to make and sell dribble bibs, because I couldn’t find and that were actually absorbent enough to not let dribble soak through to the girls’ clothes. I still have people ask now if I can make them more, because I used the most absorbent materials I could find. I’d highly recommend searching for an independent handmade business, to purchase bibs from – as opposed to those on the high street! Do make sure to do your research and find out that the seller has done relevant safety tests and are fully registered insured first though.
Generally we also used Calpol too, but only when we felt it was really needed though.
When they had a few little teeth on the top and bottom, we then introduced them to their first teeny and soft toothbrush to get them used to the feeling of brushing their teeny teeth!
I think from around 18months to 2 years, this was when we started using a bit of toothpaste too, but only a pea sized amount though, as they don’t need much really!
Both girls now have pretty much all of their teeth, but we’re still yet to take that first trip to the dentist, it’s on the list of things to do though.
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