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Since moving away from my home town, albeit only less than an hour on a few buses (when they’re running) I don’t often get to see my mum. I used to see my mum a few times a week at least, as she would often pop in for a cuppa on her way home, but now we’re limited to a phonecall every day and a visit a couple of times a month if that.
This often gets me thinking and my mum and I talking about our favourite times together.
A moment that really warms my heart is from only last year, when my mum called me up one day and asked if we were free the next day – which we were.
To my surprise, she had actually planned for us all to go on our first family beach day together! It was such a lovely thing to do, and to be able to experience it with my mum was so special and memorable too.
Lilly had never been on the beach before, so sand was a completely new experience and Amelia didn’t really remember what sand was like as it had been a while – it was so funny to watch her bury her own legs in the sand!

Mothers are very special, they bring us into the world, care for us and look after us, it never really stops – not even as an adult. I still need my mum now – although I don’t always like to admit it and I think many of us feel the same!

With everything my mum does for me, it made me really question what to get my mum for mothers day this year. My mum quite often brings me little gifts and she’s always so thoughtful with everything she does. My mum is like me, a very sentimental person, so with that thought, a photo always makes the perfect gift! I remember as a child, I made her a collage of photos of my brother and I, which she still has up now!
With all the new technology nowadays, we can have photos printed onto nearly anything now. I must admit that canvases are my usual go-to but I had never actually seen a personalised photo cushion in person, so I thought what better way than to treat my mum to one this year.

With the distance between us all now, I chose a heart shaped cushion with a photograph of the girls on and I really thing it is the perfect gift for my mum for mothers day this year. I just know she’ll appreciate it so much and this photo is so special too as it’s the girls first ever nursery photo together too!

I love the thought of her giving the cushion a little squeeze when she misses us all and I feel it will bring our bond even closer.

The cushion is made from a faux suede material, so the detail in the photo is crystal clear and it has a beautifully soft texture to it too! It’s been printed perfectly and I honestly will never go anywhere else now – I’m usually one to try out different places for things like this, but I can’t fault it at all!
I’d love to hear about your favourite moments that’d you’ve had with your mum too!
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    • MamaHomeLife says:

      I’m ever so sorry to hear that Claire. I’m sure you’ve heard it so many times, but I couldn’t imagine the pain you must feel having to go through what you’ve experienced.
      I really hope you take joy in looking back on your memories and remember all of the happy times you had together xx

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