Potty Training.. again

The time for potty training Lilly seems to be almost here and we are so not prepared!
We haven’t been as encouraging with Lilly yet, I must admit. As she’s not quite 2 and a half yet, I’m in no way pushing for Lilly to start using the potty. BUT – with seeing Amelia using the big girl toilet daily, Lilly wants to be like her big sis!

Boy oh boy are we not ready for this!

I have got the potty out and put it in the bathroom so that Lilly can use it as she pleases – with Amelia the potty was in the living room, but Lilly now associates needing to pee, with going to the bathroom, which don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but I do kind of doubt she’ll always make it upstairs in time!

We’ve already had accidents!

I don’t mean pee accidents either. These are the accidents we were lucky to not experience with Amelia. These are the accidents that require a shower to clean up and not a million baby wipes. Lilly has started to take her nappy off, whenever and wherever ย she likes, without any warning.

I guess it’s good that Lilly is showing signs she’s ready to start potty training, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m ready yet. It doesn’t seem long since we potty trained Amelia and even with Amelia, it seems like we’ve gone backwards a little as she’s hit a phase of not wanting to go to the toilet and holding her pee in – which leads to a lot of accidents.
If anyone has any potty training tips for the second time round – do let me know! I guess I should just embrace that Lilly seems “ready” and prepare myself for pee everywhere again.
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4 thoughts on “Potty Training.. again

  1. ERFmama says:

    My son (#3) stopped using nappies at age 2, so very early, but because he already had 2 siblings who used the toilet I think that has a lot to do with it. However, he had this funny (or not so funny..haha) thing, where he would go to the drawer and pull out a nappy (we used cloth nappies) and put it on – every time he had to poo…. yup… he would pee on the toilet – poo in the nappy… then he would tell me he was done, and request a change – but no nappy…. lol
    He sort of just woke up one day and said “no more nappy” and that was it. There wasn’t really any “training” done at all.
    Our daughter was a little older, she was past 3 before she started, and what I did was that when she was ready – it’s very important to let the children lead as it’s not a race, and it’s perfectly normal for a child of 4 to not be 100% dry, was that I just packed “10” different changes in a bag every time we went out and I put a small puppy pad in her car seat just in case of accidents. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And she did have them – but because I always packed a million new pairs of clothes it was never a problem.
    I found it best to just jump into it fully committed. When the child is ready it doesn’t really take very long before they have a good hang of it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    There are only 20 months between the two youngest, so I did feel I went from one to the other very fast hehe.

    • MamaHomeLife says:

      Thank you for sharing your potty training journey!
      I completely agree that it’s not a race and it’s best to take the childs lead.
      That’s so funny that your little one would request a nappy for poo – at least there were no accidents that way. even if it did create more washing, right?
      Oh I know the feeling, my two are 13 months apart so it does feel like I’ve not long got our eldest potty trained haha. I know we’ll get there soon enough ๐Ÿ™‚

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