Energy Ball Recipe Kit

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As part of my enthusiasm to love and take care of myself more this year, I have taken to eating better with Slimming World and also exercising once a day at least. I am also trying out so many new recipes and flavor​ combinations, which I’m hoping to write up to share soon!
A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the maker of these fantastic Energy Ball Recipe Kit boxes and I obviously jumped at the chance to try them out! I had tried to make energy balls in the past and failed miserably – but we won’t talk about that haha! So being intrigued by a DIY energy bill recipe kit, I couldn’t say no.

While making dinner, I decided this was the perfect time to whip out the recipe kit and get making our post-workout​ treats! We have the Pink Cashew and Maca energy balls and I’m trying not to write any spoilers as to how they taste!

Making them was super quick and easy, even if we did make a rookie mistake of adding the prunes in too early, but hey, we were excited!

All you have to do is blitz all of the dry ingredients up, then add the prunes. After you’ve mixed in the prunes, you then add the melted coconut oil in, mix well and shape the mixture into balls.
As the nutritional information is on the card that’s included in the kit, I weighed out the mixture to ensure I was making the balls 17grams each – as this made each ball approximately 77calories if I weighed them perfectly!
Shaping the balls was a bit messy, but it was never going to be a clean task – haha! I really enjoyed the whole process, mixing, rolling and coating!
The taste was actually quite surprising for us both – hubby wasn’t really keen on the idea of the prunes and beetroot powder, but I was looking forward to it because the smell sold it to me as soon as I opened the box! We both agree – they taste amazing! The box made around 30 balls, which is fab, they can last 7days in the fridge (if you don’t eat them all before then!) or around 1 month in the freezer, which is perfect if you make a batch and want to portion them out to have one a day like we are. If you want to grab one for yourself, and I’d recommend giving them a try, you can find them here and you can bag yourself 20% off your first box with the code: YUMMY20 (offer ends 31/5/2019
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